Well Creek Trust Users Charter

Intent to navigate
The navigation authority for this waterway are Middle Level Commissioners, Dartford Road, March, Cambridgeshire (Contact telephone number – 01354 653232) and their by-laws apply.

Speed Limit
Regardless of size, type or design of craft any navigator using the waterway and producing a breaking wash on one or both banks of the river is clearly going to fast. Glance over your shoulder and if you are producing a breaking wash slow down. Failure to observe this simple requirement will undoubtedly cause untold damage to the river banks by erosion (resulting in siltation of the navigable channel therefore rendering it un-navigable). It is not generally realised by boaters use to wide river navigation that tremendous damage can be caused to the riverbanks by wash. Similar to the canal system, this waterway possesses many narrow bridge holes and blind corners; approach with care, slow down and sound your horn. Slow down when passing moored craft and anglers. Remember the speed limit is 4mph.

Do not moor at lock landing stages or in lock approach channels (unless working through the lock), on bends or at bridge holes. Please note, excepting where there is a public highway adjoining the riverbank all land is private property. Overnight moorings are available at all stages marked by W.C.T. plaque.

Rubbish Disposal
The bye-laws require that no rubbish be thrown in, or deposited in the waterway or on its banks. Rubbish disposal facilities are available at Church Bridge Upwell and Outwell Boat Basin. Soon the Trust aim to provide these facilities at Salters Lode lock and Nordelph.

Discharge of toilets
Boaters are not allowed to discharge the contents of their chemical toilets into the watercourse. Avoid also any spillage of oil, fuel or any pollution producing agent.

Nature Conservation
Please do not damage, remove or trample upon plant growth, shrubs or trees, and take care not to disturb the natural habitat of wild life. Many species of bird and mammals enjoy legal protection: it is therefore a serious offence to remove eggs, interfere with nests, etc. The Trust is most anxious to afford the necessary degree of protection to preserve the natural flora and fauna of the area, and earnestly request full co-operation in this direction from users of the waterway.

Landing Stages
Such structures are built and maintained by the Trust at Salters Lode, Nordelph, March Riverside, Outwell Basin, New Bridge and Church Bridge Upwell. They are provided to facilitate boating and canoeing for the local amenity. Boats have prior rights but there is no objection to use by anglers when not required by boaters.

Manned Locks
Please note at manned locks on the fenland waterways it is customary to reward the lock keeper by offering a small gratuity. Lock keepers are not the highest paid individuals by any means, and are invariably helpful and attentive; please respond accordingly.

At the moment no charges are levied by the Navigation Authority for passage of the Creek; consequently monies from this source are not available for maintenance. The waterway, after being derelict navigation for many years, has been restored by the Middle Level Commissioners, and the Trust. Well Creek Trust, a registered charity with a small membership of mainly local people, derives its only income from voluntary donations and contributions, which has enabled work costing thousands of pounds by traditional methods to be carried out by voluntary labour and sympathetic contractors at a fraction of the true cost. To maintain impetus, improve the navigation further, and to provide necessary facilities the Trust must have more money. You the boater can help by making a donation no matter how small, or by joining the Trust.