Well Creek Trust Conservation

Nature Conservation

A few hundred years ago, the Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire fens were a fabulous breeding and feeding ground for countless ducks, geese, waders and other aquatic birds, animals and plants.

The increasingly efficient drainage of the lands has almost completely converted the area into rich arable farm land and today, under the banner of good husbandry, crop spraying, while increasing yields, is almost completely wiping out the wild flowers and plants, together with the weeds.

Birds and insects depending on certain plants or seeds will diminish or disappear. Throughout these fen areas, innumerable reedy pits, large and small, have been filled with refuse, or spoilt beyond redemption. Waterways, whether in use or redundant, are also regarded as a target for rubbish dumpers. (A modern eyesore, the ubiquitous, indestructible plastic bag and ‘throwaway’ bottle seem to be attracted to water, while brightly coloured soft drinks cans still retain their garish glitter long after their original function is over.)

Please do not damage, remove or trample upon plant growth, shrubs or trees, and take care not to disturb the natural habitat of wild life. Many species of bird and mammals enjoy legal protection: it is therefore a serious offence to remove eggs, interfere with nests, etc. The Trust is most anxious to afford the necessary degree of protection to preserve the natural flora and fauna of the area, and earnestly request full co-operation in this direction from users of the waterway.