Did You Know (Maintenance)

Did You Know

The Well Creek is maintained by the Well Creek Trust committee members as well as the Middle Level Commission.

This is just a selection of the things the committee members and volunteers do each year.

The photograph shows the progress of the annual clean up of the Creek. As can be seen here the Daffodils are in full bloom and one of the many key features of the Creek. The committee plants new bulbs during the month of November, filling in the gaps and always looking for new areas to enhance.







A well earned cup of coffee/Tea and cake





Upwell landing stage by St Peter’s church. The mooring was renovated in 2017 over many weeks and is one of the main features along the Creek. A lot of the boat owners like to use this mooring and they kindly donated plants to the Trust during the renovation 








The Trust is proud of the Creek and is always looking to enhance popular sites, such as erecting information boards detailing, on a map, the route of  the Creek and the villages it passes through.








Salters Lode landing stage that is currently out of use due to most of the timbers being rotten. This is a future project and awaiting replacement with the help of the Middle Level Commission

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